A Meeting Place

I see the role of the dramaturg as sitting somewhere between the artist and the creative process, a visitor to the process between the moment of inception and the point of delivery who has a responsibility to be supportive and reflective. To be a rear view mirror. I have worked as a dramaturg on different projects across different disciplines. Each experience has evolved differently and developed organically in response to the process. Different relationships have emerged out of different modes of communication. From face-to-face meetings to Facebook.

For A Meeting Place at the South Bank Centre in May 2010, I met each of the individual artists face-to-face. I saw my role as to facilitate a creative dialogue. I was reminded of Goat Island saying ‘The work is the dialogue’. To be an outside eye. To provide an overall shape or structure for the evening that will evolve from whatever happens here, happens next. To identify a ‘line of enquiry’ – thinking of Tim Etchell’s (Forced Entertainment) Guardian blog post when he said they ‘eliminate things from their enquiries’. Respond to change and the now. Change in our practice in 2010. Change at the Southbank Centre. Change in the nation.

The performance was on the day of the General Election. Southbank Centre wanted to reflect on the notion of change in dance. To ask are we on different trajectories. They wanted the project to find a way for artists to make a process visible. A process of thinking. A process of making. A process of working out. Working out what is important to them now. At the beginning we did not know what the process would be. We might consider this a process of not knowing. As the dramaturg, I kept a blog to document the journey to find our meeting place.


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